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TalentBench is an executive search firm that tackles the roles from individual contributor to Vice President.
We are a division of BSG Team Ventures, an executive search firm that focuses on the C-Suite level.


Bench Strength

Abilities. Experience. Willingness

What we determine is; Can the person do the job? Has the person done the job? Will the person do the job?
In business, finding talent is a never-ending search. We provide that talent when your organization goes through growth, restructuring, and change in business strategy. Our mission is to bring the talent that drives that growth and change.


TalentBench is perfect for companies that want an executive-level retained search firm for the mid-to upper-level individual contributor positions.


We have a signature and proven process. We collaborate with leadership to understand the needs and create a strategy, hiring process, and profile that will allow them to do what they were hired to do—not what we were hired to do.


You’ve posted. You’ve used your internal network. You’ve searched online. You may have even tried contingency search firms. You’re still stuck – and it’s a key position. You’re feeling the heat. That’s where TalentBench comes in!

What’s different?

We’re not just recruiters. We can empathize and sympathize because we’re just like you. We have served in the roles of Managers, Directors, and Vice Presidents, and because we have served in these roles, we never make assumptions. Instead, we seek to understand the importance of your unique priorities, urgencies, and expectations.


Have you ever wondered, “Why am I interviewing this candidate?”
We work with our clients to determine what the must-have/non-negotiable skills, experiences, attributes, and talents are for the role that you are looking to fill. By the time the candidate gets to you, we will have done all the heavy lifting leaving you with; “Is this person a cultural fit?”
“Time kills all deals.”— Well, isn’t that the truth? We schedule weekly calls with our clients (unless you want to speak with us more often) because we don’t want you to lose momentum or great candidates. We provide updates while we move through the interview process. Why should anyone be kept in the dark?
Let’s talk, as often as we can so that we all know what’s happening next. We love talking, texting, emailing, smoke signals, skywriting…whatever way we can speak with you. If the process is going as you thought it would (that’s our plan), or even if it’s not, please reach out! We’re here for you when you need us.
We love your story. We tell your story like it’s our story. That’s why you can count on us to be the Ambassador of YOUR brand. We represent you the way that you would represent you. More often than not, the candidates don’t know and can’t tell the difference. We ask the hard questions and deliver the tough feedback, always in a way that represents YOU.

Trust. Respect. Integrity.

These aren’t just words. These are words by which we live and operate—our guiding principles. Everything we do, everything we say are with these values in mind—the foundation which we perform work and conduct ourselves.

Practice Area Specialities


education / information / adaptive learning / higher education / edtech

Sales & Marketing

sales / marketing


technology / engineering / software / mobile / product management

Healthcare Services & IT

healthcare services / information technology / life sciences / data science

Our Team


Christy Cosgrove

Managing Director


Jim Robinson

Managing Director


Clark Waterfall

Advisory Board


Director of Courseware and Content Innovation

Director of Courseware and Content Innovation

Location : Charlottesville, VA



A trusted leader in CLASS-driven measurement and mentoring, our client has the proven expertise early childhood education providers and programs need to nurture better student outcomes, one classroom at a time. With decades of early childhood education research as a foundation, they offer products and programs that help organizations unlock the potential of great teachers, boost student outcomes, and create a culture of sustained excellence.

Founded in 2008, our client has worked with thousands of programs worldwide to improve the quality of educational experiences for learners across age levels, from infant childcare settings through secondary classrooms. By collaborating closely in and out of the classroom, they work with teachers, coaches, and administrators to embrace CLASS, not simply as a measurement of compliance, but as a meaningful, sustainable path toward positive student outcomes.


Company is looking to attract a Director of Courseware and Content Innovation to help achieve its goal of transforming the quality of classroom instruction. Our client is founded on the premise that how teachers engage and interact with their students is what matters. The widely respected CLASS (Classroom Assessment Scoring System) measure is the foundation for our work. The Director will lead the existing Content Innovation team and collaborate with stakeholders from across the company to create and deliver innovative in-person training, technology-supported and online content, engaging learning interactions, and effective assessments. This position will report to the Chief Impact Officer.


Primary responsibilities include but are not limited to:

Manage the company’s Adult Education Strategy / Theory of Change

  • Identify common pedagogical elements and design strategies to be used across all products and courses.
  • Incorporate current best practices and anticipate research trends in designing and implementing learning experiences of all types (face to face, online, and blended).
  • Develop creative instructional and assessment strategies and adapt process or technology solutions to meet new or evolving business needs.
  • Participate in cross-functional teams to identify strategic challenges, recommend solutions, develop policy, and plan development.

Manage Content Development and Maintenance

  • In collaboration with team members, improve upon, implement and maintain processes and formats for designing and developing courses and learning modules.
  • Maintain a comprehensive development and production plan and timelines for all development/production projects and ensure efficiency.
  • Create evaluation plans and establish metrics to quantify performance, assess customer satisfaction, and inform prioritization.

The Ideal Candidate

The ideal candidate should have experience managing and developing a diverse and effective team, be able to plan and delegate work effectively, communicate and monitor performance expectations and be able to manage collaboration of staff with internal teams.

Specifically, the individual has the following:

  • Advanced degree in a relevant field (e.g., Education, Instructional Design, Curriculum and Instruction).
  • Five or more years of experience in managing, designing, developing and delivering modular learning activities, courses and assessments that apply instructional design principles and combine advanced techniques for course creation and delivery including authoring tools, techniques, and content management systems.
  • Experience designing and delivering online as well as face-to-face learning modules.
  • Experience managing development budgets.
  • Understanding of current and evolving adult education pedagogy.
  • Ability to work across many units within the organization and build strong, collaborative relationships.
  • 3 or more years of experience in a people management role.

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Case Studies

Senior Consultant / Director of Healthcare Analytics

Healthcare Services & Technology


Our client is an independent nonprofit that collects data for and manages one of the nation’s largest databases of health insurance claims. They make actionable data available to providers, payer and all stakeholders in the healthcare community.


The client retained us to find a new Senior Consultant/Director of Healthcare Analytics to join their team with a mission to improve the quality of the overall healthcare data market. This person would be responsible for both designing, architecting and executing upon client healthcare data analytical requests as well as performing business development activities.


Our challenge was to find someone with extensive knowledge of medical claims data, consulting experience, and a strong understanding of healthcare insurers, providers and medical coding systems. This individual needed to have a strong management background, a proven track record of leadership of complex analytic projects, and the ability to synthesize client requests into actionable and valuable findings.


New York, NY


We assigned a research team to the project to locate individuals with advanced degrees, extensive healthcare claims data knowledge, and experience in the payor/provider/healthcare IT space in the greater NYC area. We sourced a total of 167 candidates for initial outreach which yielded 13 qualified and interested parties. Of this group, 9 candidates were presented and phone screened by the client and a total of 5 candidates were brought in for face to face interviews with the team, including the CEO, CIO, Chief Architect and COO. A candidate was selected at the end of a 2 week interviewing process. Total search time: 7 weeks from initial stakeholder calls to offer, acceptance and agreed upon start date. Chosen candidate had 25+ years’ experience with a major healthcare IT data systems company and extensive background in medical claims with both payor and provider expertise.

Senior Account Executive

Enterprise Software / Training Startup


Our client is a software startup based in the UK that is looking to expand their sales and marketing team here in the US. Company provides a sophisticated, cloud based training software for Fortune 500 companies.


Client retained us to identify their first Senior Marketing/Business Development professional to work directly with the CEO and VP of Sales to bring on new clients and to expand their scope of business with existing Fortune 100 customers into new verticals and departments.


Our challenge was to find someone with a successful track record selling enterprise software solutions to large customers with 10K or more employees. This individual needed to be technically savvy, possess excellent consultative selling skills with prospects at the VP and C-Suite level, and have a demonstrated track record of closing large, complex sales over a 12-18 month sales cycle.


New England, emphasis on the NYC area.


Initial outreach was focused on connecting with Business Development professionals and Senior Account Executives with enterprise software sales background interested in joining a revolutionary startup in the training software industry. Extensive research was done to find impact players and top tier sales talent calling on large end users in all verticals with an emphasis on financial sector and services organizations. Initial target list was 200+ candidates which led to initial conversations with more than 100 prospects. 11 candidates were phone screened by the CEO and 6 were brought in for face to face meetings with the CEO and VP Sales & Marketing. Within 100 days of search kickoff, a finalist selected and hired. Chosen candidate had 15+ years of executive level sales and a stellar track record of success with a targeted Tier 1 competitor in the training software and analytics industry as well as previous experience in a startup environment.

Data Science Technical Leader

Healthcare Services & IT Sector


Client is a healthcare/life sciences startup and Google spin-out. The company lives at the intersection of technology, data science and healthcare with a mission to develop tools to collect and organize health data, then creating interventions and platforms that put insights derived from that health data to use for more holistic care management.


Retained to fill the key role of Data Science Technical Leader. The role of Data Science Technical Leader is to perform in dual functions as Technical Leader and hands-on data scientist/ individual contributor since client was seeking an individual who could participate in building the models and algorithms to advance the firms Health Platform while also growing, nurturing and scaling out the current greenfield Data Science team in Kendall Square.


For Data Science Technical Leader: the challenge was to find a top university PhD and/or MD with specific domain expertise in bio-sensor data, EHR and/or medical claims data as well as leadership experience, several years of experience as a data scientist and strong coding skills in R or Python.


Cambridge, MA


Conducted initial candidate research across all relevant greater Boston area healthcare/life sciences/bioinformatics companies. Identified 64 candidates for initial outreach. From this group we identified and screened 17 people, 7 of whom were introduced to the client within 2-6 weeks of commencing the search. Of those, 5 were interviewed by phone and 2 were invited for onsite interviews. The remaining 3 candidates were put on hold as the client zeroed in on hiring one of the initial 2 interviewees, one of whom was subsequently made an offer and accepted within 10 weeks of starting the search. The hired candidate came from a local healthcare data company and represented the ideal fit with credentials including an undergraduate degree from Yale, graduate degree from Stanford, an MD from Georgetown and a PhD from Harvard.


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