Healthcare Services & Technology


Our client is an independent nonprofit that collects data for and manages one of the nation’s largest databases of health insurance claims. They make actionable data available to providers, payer and all stakeholders in the healthcare community.


The client retained us to find a new Senior Consultant/Director of Healthcare Analytics to join their team with a mission to improve the quality of the overall healthcare data market. This person would be responsible for both designing, architecting and executing upon client healthcare data analytical requests as well as performing business development activities.


Our challenge was to find someone with extensive knowledge of medical claims data, consulting experience, and a strong understanding of healthcare insurers, providers and medical coding systems. This individual needed to have a strong management background, a proven track record of leadership of complex analytic projects, and the ability to synthesize client requests into actionable and valuable findings.


New York, NY


We assigned a research team to the project to locate individuals with advanced degrees, extensive healthcare claims data knowledge, and experience in the payor/provider/healthcare IT space in the greater NYC area. We sourced a total of 167 candidates for initial outreach which yielded 13 qualified and interested parties. Of this group, 9 candidates were presented and phone screened by the client and a total of 5 candidates were brought in for face to face interviews with the team, including the CEO, CIO, Chief Architect and COO. A candidate was selected at the end of a 2 week interviewing process. Total search time: 7 weeks from initial stakeholder calls to offer, acceptance and agreed upon start date. Chosen candidate had 25+ years’ experience with a major healthcare IT data systems company and extensive background in medical claims with both payor and provider expertise.