Head of Marketing



Our client is a global startup company that has developed a construction job site management platform that helps builders control the daily chaos of construction projects.


Our client hired us to find an individual to head up the product marketing team, grow the brand, build a customer following, identify new markets, and create strategies for entering them. This individual would generate inbound and outbound leads for the sales team utilizing the website, SEO, CRM data analytics, blogs, targeted emails, and key industry events. The ability to perform detailed market research, interpret data, formulate reports, and make recommendations for product enhancements based on user feedback and prospect inquiries was critical.


Based in North America, but fully remote.


The startup team was looking for a person with the agility to function in a dynamic startup environment and the flexibility to adapt to new challenges and issues. He or she would recruit and train additional marketing resources as needed. Initially, however, this was a solo practitioner role, requiring the person to have a multitude of skills such as writing, editing, and proofreading of detailed marketing materials; public speaking; videography; design; and data analysis. The ability to break down complex topics and communicate their meaning with passion and clarity to all of the decision-makers and users on a construction team was critical. Finally, the person had to be people-focused and able to communicate in person, online, and in writing to create marketing collateral, develop surveys, run focus groups, and establish rapport with users and prospects.

OUTCOME: We developed target lists of successful startup technology firms and commenced a broad screening process to identify potential candidates. A strong demand generation background with a good deal of success building traffic was key. We interviewed numerous candidates in search of the necessary skill set and the courage to work in a robust startup environment. As this was a pivotal role, we presented several candidates for interviews. Ultimately they selected an individual who loves working with sales, had quadrupled website traffic through calculated use of SEO, and had a fierce approach to the competitive landscape. This individual had a proven success record at a startup, eight years of marketing experience, and a passion for growing market share. We look forward to the opportunity to work with this client again as they expand their product offerings.