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Our client develops educational opportunities and provides advanced mathematics curriculum for tens of thousands of the country’s top students. Utilizing books, classes and other online resources, students develop the skills they need to become successful, creative problem solvers and many have gone on to compete at the highest levels here in the US and internationally.


We were retained to find a VP of Marketing who could create, develop and execute a quantitative marketing plan and build out a dynamic team. This person would be implementing a system to test marketing activities for positive ROI, including digital marketing, SEO/SEM, content creation, email and direct mail campaigns, expanding social media presence and attending industry events.


Our challenge was to find someone who could initially take on all marketing responsibilities but also had experience leading and developing high performance marketing teams. We were focused on those candidates with educational or B2C backgrounds who had championed marketing research to better understand target customers with an emphasis on driving retention and long-term loyalty. This individual would be a key member of the executive team and report in to the CEO.


We conducted an extensive, hard target search in a localized geographic market and expanded our research efforts to include neighboring states. We researched profiles ideal for this unique company and culture, focusing on candidates who were data driven with extremely strong analytical capabilities as well as a broad overall marketing background. Thirteen candidates were presented from a group of 100+ who were initially screened. Within 120 days an offer was extended and accepted by a senior level marketing executive in the area (no relocation was needed), who had not only education background but significant accomplishments in SEO/SEM, content creation, and creating/leading high performances marketing teams.


Our client is a leader in higher education technology and solutions.  They are an agile development team that specializes in higher education learning, emphasizing iterative cycles to deliver products quickly and get feedback early in order to maximize productivity and responsiveness. The company provides custom software development for cloud transition management, LMS integration and customization, and content resource management.


We were retained to find a senior sales executive to join their highly successful and growing agile team. Our challenge was to identify and attract candidates with experience selling highly customized, complex software solutions to colleges and universities, the ability to build new customer relationships, and the desire to create and execute new marketing and sales strategies.

The Opportunity:

The Business Development Partnerships Manager would be responsible for increasing revenue by the identification, acquisition and development of new client accounts for contract software development in the higher education sector.


National (US) based, working from a virtual/home office.

Solution Outcome?

Utilizing an extensive database and network of existing contacts, we were able to quickly identify candidates with the institutional knowledge and experience our client was looking for. We presented a total of 12 qualified and interested candidates and narrowed the field to 2 finalists. The selected candidate had 10+ years in the education sector, was selling enterprise software solutions to colleges and universities across the country, and was interested in joining a smaller company where he could have a larger impact on growth. The relationship between candidate and client has been a resounding success.



Our client is a world-leading provider of scientific, technical and medical information products and services.


The client had a critical need for a Director of Adaptive Products. The Director of Adaptive Solutions was a created position to be responsible for the strategy, development and commercial success of our client’s suite of adaptive online courses.


Our challenge was to find someone out of the adaptive learning space whose primary focus is to transfer the value proposition of traditional print-based products into new online learning solutions that improve outcomes.


Boston, MA

Solution Outcome?

Offer accepted 90 days later by individual out of a level one competitor.

Client: Seven Media

Category: Education

Date: June 2016

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