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Our client is a global security company that sets the standards and manages the system for luggage locks for governments and partnership with the luggage and lock industry.


We partnered with this organization to identify an Operations & Sales Manager. The Operations & Sales Manager is responsible for leading, developing, and managing relations with the TSA including high level management contacts at headquarters as well as day to day operations of the proprietary system with TSA airport operations contacts, APOs and Training Officers, and fulfillment of TSA requests for new and replacement security tools.


Our challenge was to find trilingual speaking sales person to work out of a home office in Miami, responsible for the Americas.


Miami, FL

Solution Outcome?

Offer accepted 45 days later by sales leader who was born in Brazil (speaks fluent Spanish and English), working out of a home office in Miami from a direct competitor.

Client: Seven Media

Category: Product Design

Date: June 2016