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We were retained by a Private Equity backed company of a BSG investor client.  They are a provider of customized solutions for the Nuclear Industry. The companies provide highly specialized repair, testing and reverse engineering of Instrumentation and Control equipment for their nuclear power customers.


We were retained to find an electrical/electronics test engineer with strong troubleshooting skills. The client had recently landed a large new customer and was looking to grow their technical team in their lab facility in upstate New York.


Schenectady, New York.

Solution Outcome?

Our search strategy was to find someone with the right education background, a willingness to relocate and experience in component level testing, troubleshooting and repair. We began the search in a 25 mile radius of the facility, but quickly expanded to a regional then national search as the criteria for this role was quite specific. We ultimately identified over 600 candidates, thoroughly screened 98 of those, and presented 10 who met the criteria: in the salary range, relocatable or located in the area, and had the strong technical background we were seeking. The chosen candidate had the required BSEE, was living in the area (no relocation)) had all the relevant/recent experience the client was looking for, and was a great match for the existing team.



Our client is a digital therapeutics start-up in the Boston area. The company has developed a mobile app for patients suffering from traumatic brain injuries which features exercises specifically designed to help people regain cognitive, speech, and language functions.


The client retained us to identify their first dedicated Product Manager to work with the existing team of in-house and offshore developers and engineers on the initial product offering/software and to make recommendations for future products and releases.


Our challenge was to find someone with solid technical skills, previous product management or software development background working with mobile apps, and an interest in clinical and/or healthcare related solutions.


Boston, MA

Solution Outcome?

We dedicated a research team to the project, focusing our efforts on mobile app companies in the Boston area, which yielded a total of 84 candidates for initial outreach. From this group, we identified and screened 14 qualified, motivated and interested candidates within the first 5 weeks of the search. Of those, 7 were presented to the client, 6 were interviewed by phone, 5 were selected for in person interviews with a team of hiring managers and decision makers. A candidate was selected from this group, offer was made and accepted within 8 weeks of taking on the assignment. Chosen candidate had product management and clinical experience, was local (no relocation) and had previous background in a start-up environment.

Client: Seven Media

Category: Product Design

Date: June 2016

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